How many plates can fit on the bar?

A maximum of 7 20 kg plates + the clamp can fit on one side of the bar. That is, you can mount a bar up to 300 kg with only 20 kg plates. If, based on this, you are stuck on how much of the other plates would fit, then look at the dimensions of the plates in "How much weight can fit on the bar?" section, or contact us with confidence and we will help!

What comes with each order?

Each basic order (BASIC) includes a mini bar, a barbell stand, 2 20 kg plates and 2 clamps. Plus, shipping on all orders is free!

What is the MINI TROPHY made of?

The bár itself is machined from stainless steel, while the plates and clamps are made from resin. The stand is made of plexiglass.

How hard is MINI TROPHY?

Hard enough! The bar itself weighs 21 grams. For comparison, a pair of 20 kg plates weighs 16 grams (1 piece = 8g).

Can the MINI TROPHY be customized?

The only customizable element of MINI TROPHY for now is the quantity of weight plates ordered. The text on the dials and the engraved Plexiglas stand are not customizable (yet!).

What is the warranty policy?

Our warranty policy is 14 days, unless otherwise stated, and begins on the day the order arrives.

Can you deliver to other countries?

We currently only deliver to the territory of Hungary. If you place an order and there is a problem with your address, please contact customer service and we will solve the problem.

When will my order be delivered?

Your order will be shipped in accordance with our shipping policy. You will receive a shipping confirmation via email with a tracking link.

When will my order arrive?

The current average for orders to arrive is approximately 8-10 business days. Although most orders arrive sooner, minor delays may occur if we are processing an unusually large volume of orders and need to catch up on production.

Where is my order?

  • If your order is within the specified processing time and you have not received a tracking link, the product is still being processed and is being prepared for shipment.
  • If your order is outside of the specified processing time and you have not received a tracking link, please check your provided email address for updates from our team. If you can't find anything, please contact us immediately.
  • If you have received a tracking link and still have questions, please contact us first in your email account to receive up-to-date information about your package (these emails may have ended up in your SPAM folder, check there as well).
  • If none of the above helps, please contact us for further guidance and we will help.

Why hasn't my order been delivered?

If you're worried about why your order hasn't shipped yet, there are a few things you can do to find out why. Follow the advice below:

  • Check the shipping policy and see if you are still within the average shipping time.
  • You may have entered your address incorrectly. It's worth double-checking this, as well as your e-mail address, as this is what we'll be looking for if you have a problem.

Why did I receive a notification that my shipment was canceled?

  • There are rare cases where certain items are oversupplied due to a system error. If this happens and you receive a cancellation notice, we will contact you within 48-72 hours about this issue.
  • It may happen that the warehouse had to use a different courier than originally planned. This will result in your order showing as "cancelled", but you will receive an email with an updated tracking link within 72 hours.

How can I cancel my order?

  • Cancellation requests must be made before the order is fulfilled to avoid complications.
  • Due to the speed of delivery, we recommend that you contact us immediately with any of the following requests, including the reason for cancellation
  • If the order has already been sent, you can refuse the order upon delivery and the courier will return the package to our warehouse
  • Returned shipments are processed and inspected by our warehouse staff for quality control purposes, so please allow 3 working days from the specified delivery date for the return to be mailed.
  • Please read more about our return and refund policy on the website.

My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

  • Please take the time to read the return and refund policy.
  • Before contacting customer service, please take 4 photos of the damaged or defective product and the packaging.
  • Send us an email with the order number and the word "DEFECTIVE PRODUCT" in the subject so that we can identify it as quickly as possible.
  • Please wait 24 hours for a response from customer service.
  • In order to provide a faster solution, we may ask you for additional information.


How can I get a refund?

Refunds must be processed by our customer service. Please contact us.

How can I add a discount code to my order?

At the checkout, enter the code in the promotion field, OK to receive the discount.

Can I use the discount code if it has already expired?

Unfortunately, if a discount code has already been used or expires, we cannot reactivate it for you.

Can I use my mini dumbbell for training?

No, the MINI TROPHY is just a decoration. Please do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose. (Of course you can lift it, but you won't gain muscle from it :D)

How do I clean the MINI TROPHY?

  • Although the bár is made of stainless steel, the stand is made of Plexiglas, and the plates and clamps are made of synthetic resin, it is best to clean them infrequently to preserve their quality for as long as possible.
  • Keep resin parts out of direct sunlight as this may cause the colors to fade.
  • If you absolutely want to clean it, simply wipe the parts with a damp cloth:
    • Use a cloth dampened with warm water to wipe the bar clean. Make sure to dry it completely with a dry cloth afterwards.
    • You can lightly scrub the discs and clamps with a toothbrush and water, and if they are only slightly dirty, a damp cloth is also suitable for this.
    • Wipe the plexiglass stand clean with a microfiber cloth.